The 3 ways to earn money with sports betting

The 3 ways to earn money with sports betting

Method 1: Directional markets
Directional bets simply bet on the result. Behind the basic mechanism of betting hides: put money in favor of some devices when I win I take it multiplied by sharing, otherwise, I lose. We play so simply against the probability of the result, instead of the mango bet online betting.

Does this mean the economic feeling of betting in this way?
Yes, in a unique situation: when the implicit probability of online bookmakers and sports betting rates is lower than the actual probability of occurrence, the result. In this case, we say that the bet has its value.

For example, to present a football match: Real Sociedad – Real Betis Balompie.
We assume that the Real Sociedad’s victory rate is 2. This means that the probability that the house bets and football bets, gives this result is 50%. For this reason
It is quite logical to bet if there is a real probability that Real Betis is greater than 50%.

This is not a common situation, quite the opposite. As explained above,
The bookmakers have huge human and technical resources, handling statistics and probabilities better than anyone else. However, it sometimes happens that the betting house is forced to leave the quotas that the statistical mark, and that this situation can create exactly incorrect estimates of the weight of the bettors. If a large amount of money is focused on certain results, it is very common that the house bets adjust the fees to complete the results, so that they are more attractive to other gamblers and balance their risk, providing an opportunity for profit. long-term.

Let’s go back to our example, when most of the gambling money goes to a lottery, internet betting or Betis wins, the Paris office may decide to offer 2.2 or 2.4 shares with implicit probabilities of 45% and 42%, respectively betting sites.
With these odds and a real probability of 50%, it makes sense to bet on the Royal Society. The bet contributes value to the bettor, in Anglo-Saxon conditions,
its expected value or the average value is positive. To evaluate, we have developed this method of analyzing the value of sports betting.

With this mechanism, an individual bettor helps to bet to restore balance in the market and of course, it is placed against other gamblers.

Method 2: Arbitrage bet
In terms of investments, the word arbitrage is used when you can claim compensation in situations where two or more markets are unbalanced.
Betting on the size of a market is where to buy and sell the probability of an event, and it is very convenient to use this concept.
Who would not want to find the option to use insurance? To do this, we simply have to find the game where the opposite results give us a part of the sum of the probability is less than 100%. In other words, if the net extension is negative.

At a point. If we agreed that the spread was on the edge of the bookies, there are no opportunities to play at home in the game in which you will definitely lose!

Not really. The key to success is to compare the fees of different bookmakers.
But the Paris office gives us its margins, but it is possible that the dynamics of the market,
two bets are forced to adjust their odds so that the bettors take a position in the betting house,
and vice versa, so you can earn money regardless of the result.

With our football For example, if the Paris office offers a prize of 2 winners in the Royal Society,
another house and offers a reward of 2.4 to shoot or beat the real, by investing 100 euros in the first office in Paris and 83 in the second,
We will obtain a profit of 17 euros, whatever the result:

When the Royal Society wins: we invest 183 euros, the cost is 100 x 2 = 200 euros, 17 euros to obtain a profit
If you draw or lose the Royal Society: you invested 183 euros, you win = 83 x 2.4 = 200 euros, 17 euros
Keep in mind that the fees are processed by QUOTE of 50% and 42%, the sum of which is 92%.

Again, this situation occurs when two bookmakers have decompensated two opposite outcomes.
With this double weight, we help position ourselves against the majority of bettors.

Method 3: Sports Trading
The concept of sports trading also comes from the stock market. It is based on the purest speculation style in the stock market , betting websites
when negotiating with the development of temporary quotas. As we have already noticed,
the betting offices dynamically move their odds because the bets are satisfied to make sure they are staggered,
and they benefit from the spread.

The most obvious situation of this quota development is in live matches.
Take another example of our clash between Real Sociedad and Betis. Suppose that the match starts with zero equality,
He’s very busy and we think he’s very likely to end up like that. We bet the draw, for example, with 3 shares.
After 20 minutes, if the score does not change, football betting sites, the fee will be reduced to 2.4 because it will increase the probability of the game ending tied.
If the game is already open and we believe that one of the teams can score,
we can decide to close our position and get the difference in two possible ways

At the same time, it is committed to two complementary results (it must be guaranteed that it allows the implicit limits in these other quotas)
we sell our time of draw or stock, giving us a short tie
This second option is definitely cleaner, but the only real market that allows brokers to offer bets is Betfair,
so it is the ideal operator for commercial bets.
We have completed a complete Betfair analysis that you can see in the previous link.

All these methods are simple, but they can not be easily started.
They require a considerable effort you can consult visiting the best pages of bets and determination to launch them successfully.
In any case, developing an entry and exit strategy is not the only requirement to obtain real money.
Extension or extension optimization,
and good management of our banking or investment management, money management bets, best gambling sites
They are also essential for the growth of our portfolio and the optimization of profitability. And this is useless without adequate mental control of our emotions.

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